Sophie Digby Editor of The Yak magazine
'Founding a luxury lifestyle magazine back in Bali in 2003 meant two things, luxury was not that easy to come by and lifestyle was very “shower-free” bohemian.
We called it The Yak, it was 2003 and since then has been able to create an impressive platform for some pretty spectacular stylists, photographers, fashionistas, brands creatives et al. 
I only say this to set a pedigree and a precedence...
May Cortazzi - quite late in The Yak game (2020)  Cortazzi became a force majeur at the start of Covid. Taking the viral “bull by the horns”, she decided rather than let her seamstresses go, she enthusiastically created fabulous masks from offcuts of all sizes. She initiated the first noticeable movement to protect our health and to continue employing…And this is when I met her.
Moving swiftly forward, and leaving the past behind, both Bali and I have been very lucky and privileged to have worked with May Cortazzi on a number of fashion shoots, collabs, fun projects and inspirational "why not, it’s fun” ventures!
Coming at most projects from a totally different angle, Cortazzi’s fresh, quasi-feminine, "street rough’, irreverent and unapologetically high-energy, open-air styling turns heads and pages, and gets followers to "bookmark" her unique styling ability. 
Cortazzi is blessed to have Bali as her palette, just as Bali is definitely blessed to have her artistic sense of playfulness and boundary-breaking naughtiness, and her gorgeous, high vibing energy!
A treasure to work with!!'

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